Sunday, July 20, 2008

#537 Steve Buechele

Why this card is awesome: Because he was signed by scout Rick Schroeder. Heh. In 1982 no less!

Cool stat: Only two guys had double-digit homers and a sub-.250 batting average every year from 1986 to 1989: Buechele, and Steve Balboni. And Balboni had 93 HR in that span compared to Buechele's 63. BOOOOOO, indeed.


Luke said...

future bucco!!!

buccos gave a way kurt miller and hector fajardo. Wow, i remember the early 90's buccos, watched em all the time, but i do not remember seeing Fajardo pitch.

batted 304 in the nlcs, not bad, not bad

mickey s. said...

Steve Buechele and John Elway were college roommates. I read that off the back of one of his other cards. Probably in one of those enormous paragraphs on the back of Fleer cards.