Wednesday, July 16, 2008

#532 Mike Kingery

Why this card is awesome: Because what's with that silly batting helmet? Isn't it a bit far back on his head? He could take a fastball right to the forehead in that thing.

Cool stat: Kingery was not much of a hitter. His career high in total bases in a game was 7, which he did twice.


Jim said...

His fact says he hit 3 HR and drove in 11 in one minor league game in 1984, he played in over 130 games that year and only hit 4 HR on the season! 3 of his 4 HR are hit in 1 game!

Luke said...

punch n judy


David said...

Actually, the blurb on the back of the card said that the 3 HRs were hit during a doubleheader, 2 in the first game and 1 in the second.

Still, what a day for Mike!

Endangered said...

He was a sight to see when running around the bases...hence the nickname Crazy Legs Kingery.