Tuesday, July 15, 2008

#531 Rich Yett

Why this card is awesome: Because of that rough 1985 he had. He recorded just one out all season for the Twins, allowing 1 ER and garnering a lovely 27.00 ERA.

Cool stat: Yett is among just 20 pitchers since 1901 to have an ERA+ of 200 or better and a K/BB ratio of 2 or better in his final season. The catch? He did it in just 4.1 innings.


MMayes said...

After getting a start in '85 for the Twins as his major league debut, walking 2, getting one out and allowing a run, the Twins said, "Rich, not Yett" sending him back to the minors.

Cannonball said...

"Excuse me, sir; are you Rich Yett?"
"No way - I can't even keep my ERA under five. Nobody's going to pay me handsomely for a performance like that."