Friday, July 11, 2008

#527 Steve Henderson

Why this card is awesome: Because, man, I love the yellow warmup jersey. At least a few A's were rocking those on their 1988 Topps cards. These days, we're so used to alternate jerseys that the teams use to try to encourage more merchandise sales. But back then, except for batting practice, it was rare to see a player in an alternate jersey. It was home whites, road grays, and that's it. Oh, and his entire face is in the shadow.

Cool stat: Since 1978, Henderson is in an 8-way tie for most seasons with exactly 10 HR. Also, Henderson hit 3 walk-off homers, all at Shea when he was playing for the Mets, and all were 3-run jobs.


MMayes said...

It's mentioned nowhere on his card that he was the bane of New York for a while because he was the big piece in the Tom Seaver trade. Short of him being Daryl Strawberry or Mickey Mantle he wasn't going to meet the expectations of the Tom Seaver trade.

zman40 said...

Don't forget the road blues and the Cubs' road uniform of blue jersey and white pants sans pinstripes that they wore from '82-'89.

capewood said...

The little portion of his face not in shadow is almost as yellow as his shirt.