Tuesday, July 29, 2008

1978 Topps is coming!

Hell yes, I got my 1978 Topps set today. What a beauty.

Let's blast our way through the rest of 1988 so we can get on to 1978.

One thing about this earlier set: I'm a lot less familiar with the cards and the players, so I;m going to be relying on you, the readers, to make lots of posts telling stories about these guys.

Also with the 1978 set, I'm going to have voting to determine the best card in the set.

Does anybody know of a good widget to put polls into Blogger posts?


Jim said...

Cool 1978, the first year I ever bought baseball cards!

dayf said...

Cool, good job finding it. My '78 set is barely half complete. Blogger has a poll widget but I'm not sure how many options it has.

MMayes said...

I loved the '78 set. That's when I got back into collecting after an absence of a few years. The jerseys are great. The Astros have their stripes. The Pirates have the overdone old-time pinstripes and hats. The White Sox have the ugly solid black uniforms (Lamar Johnson especially looked horrid despite the big grin on his face.)

Bring on the 1978 set!!