Tuesday, June 24, 2008

#510 Dave Winfield

Why this card is awesome: Because I remember looking at this card and thinking in 1988, "Well, this guy has had a long career, but he's on the decline, getting only a somewhat decent card number ending in 10, so he'll be ineffective pretty soon." While it's true his best days were behind him, after 1988 Winfield went on to get 4 more 20-HR seasons and a World Series win with Toronto in 1992, despite missing all of 1989 with an injury.

Cool stat: I like Winfield and could say lots about his career. But here's a quick, neat one: most career hits from age 38 season onwards. Winfield is 6th, counting from 1901. And he's 5th in most homers from age 38 on.

Hall of Fame count: 34


Anonymous said...

First thing that comes to mind with Dave Winfield was his inability to hang on to the bat. He must have flung his bat into the stands at least once a game on a swinging strike. Anyone else remember this?

Andy said...

I watched many many Yankees games in 1988 and do not recall seeing him do it even once.

I have, however, been at two games when people got severely injured by batted balls. I was at the first game in Camden Yards in 1997--a preseason game against the Pirates. On the very first pitch, a foul ball struck a guy in the temple and gave him permanent brain damage.

David said...

I like the info on the card back: Dave opened a Manhattan restaurant in Nov. 1986. Tell us more!

Jim said...

I love the specificness (is that a word?) of the opening of a restaurant in Nov. 1986. Almost like TOPPS had a stake in the place.

Andy said...