Monday, June 9, 2008

#492 Doyle Alexander

Why this card is awesome: Because if you're like me, this card of Alexander wearing a Tigers uniform makes you think not of him, but of a totally different player. Most of the 1988 Topps card photos were taken in the spring of 1987, but this one wasn't. That's because Alexander was playing for the Braves in the first part of 1987, until August 12 of that year when they traded him to the Tigers. Alexander was incredible for the Tigers in late 1987, going 9-0 over 11 starts, with a 1.53 ERA. Unfortunately, he blew up in the ALCS against the Twins and the Tigers were eliminated.

So, who was he traded for? None other than John Andrew Smoltz.

Cool stat: For pitchers who amassed at least 3000 IP since 1940, Alexander had the 3rd-lowest strikeout rate. He also had the 9th-best walk rate.

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