Thursday, May 29, 2008

#474 Tom Brookens

Why this card is awesome: Because of the cool reflections in Brookens' glasses. It's common these days to see baseball card photos with reflections in mirror-type sunglasses, but I don't recall seeing stadium reflected in regular eyeglasses.

Cool stat: Brookens is one of 8 players to get at least 3000 AB in the 1980s and have an OBP under .300.


Jim said...

4 of the 8 guys under .300 had at least 1 all star appearance in the 80s! Alfredo Griffin's was the cheapest of all time, he was accompaning teammate Damaso Garcia to the game when Alan Trammel got hurt and the AL team needed a live body and he happened to be in town!

MMayes said...

Tom Brookens was the guy Sparky Anderson seemed always trying to get rid of. He brought in everybody trying to replace Brookens. Howard Johnson -- didn't hit well until he got to New York. Chris Pittaro -- didn't make it. Darnell Coles, Doug Baker. When all was said and done, Tom was still standing. He wasn't ever really, uh, good. In seasons with over 300 at bats, his OPS+ only topped 90 twice, never over 98. He just managed to hit just enough to keep his job.