Thursday, May 29, 2008

#473 Joe Niekro

Why this card is awesome: Because I love cards with so many years of stats that there's no room for anything else.

Cool stat: Of the 31 pitchers to throw at least 3500 innings since 1950, Niekro's got the 3rd-lowest K/9 rate, beating out only Tommy John and Bob Friend. Niekro also benefited greatly from playing on good teams. Actual W-L, W-L%: 221-204, .520. Neutralized: 189-198, .488.

Deceased players and managers: 15

Geez, that's two deceased guys in the last 3 cards :(


Jim said...

1987 was the year he was thrown out for having a fingernail file is his pocket, and he probably wasn't even cheating!

Luke said...

phil and joe are hometown heroes. It's one of those valleys where small towns are connected.

Phil pops up from time to time to sign autographs.

Mr. Schwartz said...

And I guess the sandpaper in his glove was just there also.....

Ah, he's a cheat and so was Gaylord "vasoline ball" Perry. Still though, you gotta love em.

Uglee Card said...

Joe Neikro's dead?
Dang. I didn't even know that.

Andy said...

He died recently, Uggs.

Personally, I never subscribed to the "gotta love 'em" theory with Perry or any of these other cheaters. I also don't dislike them because they cheated. I think cheating is an inherent part of sports, and players have always looked for an edge, whether it was Vasoline, sandpaper, greenies, sharpened spikes, or steroids. I look at them all the same way.