Monday, May 26, 2008

#468 Darren Daulton

Why this card is awesome: Because I believe Daulton is peeking way off to the side at what I would guess is the Mayan calendar.

Cool stat: From an offensive standpoint, Daulton was the top catcher in the game for 1992-1993. Each year, he had 20+ HR and 100+ RBI, while only one other catcher had a season like that in either year (Mike Piazza in 1993.) He was even better in 1994 until his season ended early due to injury.


capewood said...

Or maybe his wife (or maybe future wife), Lynn was standing on the sidelines.

Luke said...

He's looking at himself running towards first.

Ever see that interview awhile back on ESPN?

Andy said...

No...which interview?