Sunday, May 25, 2008

#467 Don Aase

Why this card is awesome: Because this card leaves little doubt as to which player the Orioles would send to the local hospital dressed like a clown to cheer up sick kids. Aase wouldn't even need a wig.

For those who don't know, his last name is pronounced "AH-see", rhyming with "posse" for example.

Cool stat: Since saves have been recorded as a stat, Aase is one of 22 players to have just 1 season with at least 34 saves. In other words, he's one of 22 guys to get a season with that many saves, and no other seasons with that many again. Aase didn't have more than 14 saves in any other season, primarily because he wasn't used a lot as a closer.


Brian said...

Andy, I think so long as your blog is running, things like global warming, rebels in South Africa, Chinese totalitarianism, and Dr. Phil don't seem to bother me...because there's this other thing...topps cards from 1988, that puts a perspective on all of it. It's as if the World began and ended in 1988, and all of this other business is just kind of nonsensical background information.
You're a genius.


Andy said...

Thanks Brian! I know what you mean, although Dr. Phil still bothers me. Heh.