Tuesday, May 13, 2008

#446 Doug DeCinces

Why this card is awesome: Because it's unusual to see a guy carrying a batting glove in just one hand. Lots of guys carries one glove in each hand, but I've never seen one only. Let's call that "Michael Jackson base-running."

This was DeCinces' last card.

Cool stat: DeCinces is one of just 2 guys to have at least 11 HR and under 100 RBI every single season from 1976 to 1987. The other guy, Darrell Evans, got the better end of this deal in terms of his reputation. Had DeCinces managed 100 RBIs once or twice in that stretch, he might be remembered as a star.


David said...

How about the "now with ..." text stamp that Topps experimented with in this series? I can only think of one other card that features this: Dickie Noles, from this same set. Interesting that Topps would opt for this scenario rather than using a portrait photo and airbrushing any indication of team affiliation.

Andy said...

Interesting points, David. I also think Dickie Noles is the only other card with that mark. The 1988 OPC set, which was printed later, has many more cards with it. Phil Bradley Phillies) and Chili Davis (Angels) come to mind. But they also airbrushed lots of cards in this set, including Dave Dravecky and Kevin Mitchell. I believe I saw Ben Henry mention on his blog that it was because there weren't alot of Giants cards in this set due to transactions, which is why they went to the trouble of putting Dravecky and Mitchell into Giants caps. Maybe if it didn't affect the team balance, they went with the stamp. (Or maybe they changed teams very close to the printing deadline and didn't have time to do the airbrushing.)

MMayes said...

I forget who it was, but I remember some good baserunner from the 70's saying that he ran holding one batting glove because that hand got hurt if he didn't. I forget the details, but it had to do with how he slid and how his hand would hit the ground if it was flat.
Besides, guys didn't make a mint back then and you couldn't just afford to throw money away on that second batting glove if you didn't need it.

Jim said...

I thought I remembered Doug as a better player, ZERO 100 RBI seasons? I am really surprised.

A Lot of guys hold a batting glove to remember to keep their hands up when they slide, I guess Doug only had to remember one hnad up.