Tuesday, May 13, 2008

#444 Cal Ripken Sr.

Why this card is awesome: Because right after Ken Griffey's card, we get another famous baseball father. This is one of my most favorite cards of the set because it was very cool when Ripken got to manage both of his sons, Cal Jr. and Billy, with the Orioles. I also like seeing a manager doffing his cap with a smile like that--a much friendlier pose than most managers.

Cool stat:
Ripken's managerial career will be remembered for two things and two things only. One was that he managed his boys, and the other was that he lost the first 6 games of the record 0-21 streak that started the 1988 season.

Deceased players and managers:

Ripken is the first deceased manager we've seen in this set.


Triple Play said...

Wow, this is a great card. I just finished reading "Get in the Game" by Cal Ripken, Jr. He goes into great detail about his father and the lessons he learned from him. Ripken also talks about the terrible '88 season. Of course, he was furious when he found out that his Dad had been fired. According to him, the O's came real close to trading him that year because team mgmt thought he would hold that grudge against them forever.

I do recommend reading the book. Its a mix of leadership/business principles with baseball experience/analogies.

mickey s. said...

is he doffing his cap? or is he trying to figure out who wrote F*** Face on the bottom of his bill?

Andy said...