Friday, May 9, 2008

#432 Mike Moore

Why this card is awesome: Because I'm amazed how the photographer got that porcupine to sit so still on top of Moore's head for this photo.

Cool stat: Moore played for a lot of bad teams, and has one of the worst career W-L% for a pitcher who was good enough to start at least 400 games. (Not to be confused with Mike Morgan, who is #1.) Moore also makes the top ten for worst K/BB ratios since 1901 for pitchers with at least 1500 K's.


MMayes said...

When I think of Mike Moore, I think of the guy who took the ball for the M's, did a decent job and had a bad record, blaming it on the M's being bad. However, he was also a journeyman pitcher who took the ball for the A's and got the benefit of their lineup. When you neutralize his stats, his career W-L % goes from .478 to .478. His W-L% with the M's goes from .407 to .488; with the A's neutralizing stats goes from .723 to .521.

I just forget about him being a part of those A's teams, behind Stewart and Welch in the rotation.

Anonymous said...

I remember Mike Moore as a solid starter for two seasons with the Tigers (forgetting 1995) entirely. He was one of many many many starters who rolled through with 3-5 year stints here in Detroit in the 90s. David Wells, anyone?