Wednesday, May 7, 2008

#419 Scott McGregor

Why this card is awesome: Because after Randy Myers, here's another card with closed eyes. What in the hell was Topps thinking?

Cool stat: Scott McGregor was a very average pitcher. He had some seasons with high win totals and/or high W-L%, but that was in large part because he played for good Oriole teams in the early 1980s. His actual career record was 138-108 (.561) but his basic neutralized record was 120-119 (.502.) Like I said: average.


White Sox Cards said...

Maybe it was symbolic for the pitchers taking a blind-eye to all the increasing home runs.

ajnrules said...

This was one of my first cards ever, back in 1990. I don't remember how I got it anymore since I was only 5, but I'll never forget that half-asleep expression. (But mostly because I still see this card every time I look at my cards.)