Wednesday, May 7, 2008

#418 Joel Youngblood

Why this card is awesome: Because, what's going on in the dugout? I can't tell who's on the left, but I'm sure that guy on the right doesn't belong there.

Cool stat: Youngblood hit more than 1 triple against just one pitcher: Gaylord Perry.


Corky Williams said...

Growing up Youngblood was always the guy that I wanted because I wanted his name. I must have had 40 Youngblood cards.

Sadly, I think I had a weird love for the word "blood" when I was a kid, because I also thought Major Blood was awesome in GI Joe.

Jim said...

1 hit for 2 different teams same day, that will always be Joel's claim to fame, doubtful it will ever happen again.

jswaykos said...

Wouldnt it be great to get a remake of this set, only with today's technology? "HD" photos, if you wiil, to clearly see everything in the backgrounds?

A remake of 88 Topps... never thought I'd want that.

Corky Williams said...

Well, I don't think you need HD technology, you just need to original, non-airbrushed photo. :)