Monday, May 5, 2008

#412 Randy Myers

Why this card is awesome: Because it's totally ridiculous to me that Myers' eyes are closed in this shot. Ridiculous because A) how can you pitch with your eyes closed, for even a split second? and B) could Topps really not find any photos of Myers with his eyes open? There's another card coming up very shortly with a sleepy-looking player.

Cool stat: Myers' 1993 ties with John Smoltz's 2002 for worst ERA+ in a season with at least 50 saves. Actually, those two seasons are remarkably similar, with almost identical numbers in every meaningful category. Those two seasons are quite a bit worse than ever other 50-save season in history, at least in terms of ERA+.

Myers seemed like a lock HOFer at one point, but after 1997 at age 34 with Baltimore, he was never effective again due to injuries. Even still, had he had 4 or 5 more good years, it wouldn't have been enough.


David said...

Actually, Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson ran drills during spring training in which pitchers practiced throwing with their eyes closed to concentrate on repeating the mechanics of their delivery.

Of course, this photo far precedes Rick Peterson's coaching days and appears to be in a live game.

MMayes said...

John Smoltz' 2002 ERA was ruined by his 2nd appearance where he gave up 8 earnies to the Mets in 1 inning. Take that appearance out and his ERA drops from 3.25 to 2.38 and his ERA+ becomes 175.

That list also points up just how stupid a year Gagne had in 2003. 37 hits and 20 walks in 82.1 innings for a WHIP of 0.69. His OPS+ against was ....... 4. Where most closers are easy to steal off, only 2 SB's in 3 attempts. Too bad he can't recapture that form.

Uglee Card said...

Randy Myers eyes are closed because he dares not look at the batter, lest he be blinded by Manny Trillo's aura.
It's been a while.

Ben said...

Maybe he is breathing through his eyelids?