Monday, May 5, 2008

#411 Wayne Tolleson

Why this card is awesome: Because I guess Topps sort of airbrushed out the entire background of the card. Good thing, or else we'd see that cop with his head up Wayne's rear.

Cool stat: In the last 35 years, Tolleson's 1983 is among the worst 5 seasons with at least 500 PAs ranked by fewest RBIs.


MMayes said...

If you'd have looked back to 1971, you'd have found the all-time "leader" in that statistical category: Enzo Hernandez with 12 RBI in 549 AB's (618 PA's).

Long Live Enzo

Jim said...

The Yanks were so bad in 1987 that Tolleson played in 121 games.

That should be his little fact below his stats.