Friday, April 18, 2008

#368 Gerald Young

Why this card is awesome: Because as ridiculous as those uniforms were, I really dig the Astros cards from this set. This is another card that has every color from the rainbow, thanks to those purple-ish frame on the screen in front of the seats. (But need I mention more shadows on the face?)

Cool stat: Young hit 19 career triples off 19 different pitchers. He managed only 8 RBI on those triples, meaning that at least 11 came with the bases empty (assuming no baserunners got thrown out at the plate.) In fact, 13 of the triples came with the bases empty. Originally, I assumed that he must have hit a lot of them leading off the game. Indeed, 3 of his triples led off his team's half of the first inning. But that means he had 10 other triples coming beyond the first inning with the bases empty, and 6 with runners on. That's not such a bad ratio, I guess.

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