Thursday, April 17, 2008

#367 Tim Leary

Why this card is awesome: Because of yet another shadow face. The background behind Leary is nice, sky, fluffy clouds, green trees.

Cool stat: Between 1980 when Brian Kingman lost 20 games and 2003 when Mike Maroth lost 21, Tim Leary was one of a handful of players who was spared that fate by stopping at 19 losses in a season. Of course, you have to be at least a halfway decent pitcher to lose 19 or more games. If you were so terrible, no team would keep trotting you out there if you gave your taem no real chance of winning.


David said...

6 of Leary's 9 career shutouts came in 1988. Overall, he contributed to 7 of the Dodgers' 24 shutouts that season, which is the highest team total (along with the '92 Braves) since 1969.

Leary and Hershiser pitched some incredible games that year. Imagine how dominating the Dodgers would have been if Fernando stayed healthy.

Mike S said...

My memory of Leary will always be of him throwing his "spitball" with the godawful 1990 Yankees.