Monday, April 14, 2008

#358 Rey Quinones

Why this card is awesome: Because of the cameraman visible in the background, in full headset glory. Oh, and that horrendous trade mentioned on the back (horrendous for the Mariners, that is.) Dave Henderson and Spike Owen were not tremendous talents, but they beat the pulp out of the 4 guys the M's got for them.

Cool stat: Two guys hit exactly 12 home runs in each year 1987 and 1988. One is Rey Quinones. Who was the other? Click through to find out. Clue: he played the same position as Quinones but was a much better player.


Luke said...


Future bucco!!! WHOOO!!!

#22 i think

Steven Sharp said...

I believe QuiƱones wore number 51 with the Red Sox, the Mariners, and the Pirates. When people think of famous 51s for the Mariners, QuiƱones probably doesn't come to mind.