Tuesday, April 8, 2008

#327 Larry Sheets

Why this card is awesome: Because this card features perhaps the smallest representation of a player on a card. Look in the triangular area under his name--there's a pitcher warming up there!

Cool stat: Sheets hit 4 walk-off homers, which is a lot for a player with fewer than 100 career HR.


Jim said...

How about this for a stat he hit 31 HR drover in fewer than 100, but hit over .315

MMayes said...

When I was a kid playing ball with neighbors in the vacant lot we had set up, when it was time for someone to bat, but they were on base, we'd employ the Ghost Runner. The Ghost Runner could only advance when forced and only for the number of bases the runner behind could advance. The '87 Orioles were full of Ghost Runners with guys like Sheets, Fat Jim Traber, Terry Kennedy, Ray Knight and (at this point in their careers) Eddie Murray, Fred Lynn and Lee Lacy. You just didn't have guys taking the extra base (except Cal) so Sheets wouldn't drive in as many as you would expect because of so many Ghost Runners.

Uglee Card said...

That's no pitcher warming up. That's...wait, I forget his name.