Tuesday, April 8, 2008

#326 Al Nipper

Why this card is awesome: Because this one goes straight to the Baseball Card Mustache Hall of Fame. Right, Matt?

This one's just for you, Eric: "Nipper? I didn't even touch her!"

Cool stat: Who hit the most homers off Nipper? Well, it was Wally World.


MMayes said...

Al Nipper couldn't throw a ball through a wet paper bag, but he was a part of a group of pitchers the Red Sox developed in the early 80's including John Tudor, Bobby Ojeda, Bruce Hurst and Dennis Boyd. Oh yeah, there was also Win Remmerswaal, too. (This was pre-Clemens.)

Uglee Card said...

The mustache is really an underrated baseball asset. Is there a way to measure mustachioed pitchers ERA against clean shaven? I bet there's a 1 run + difference.

MMayes said...

In 1977 Vern Rapp took over as manager of the Cardinals and made everybody go clean shaven. Al Hrabosky's ERA promptly went through the roof and the St. Louis paper started printing a Hair-O-Meter. In 1978 he goes to KC, Whitey lets him grow his hair and his ERA goes back down.

There's all the proof you need about mustaches.