Thursday, March 27, 2008

#288 Pat Pacillo

Why this card is awesome: Because the background of this card is truly spectacular. There are FIVE, count 'em, FIVE different Reds in uniform in the background, all doing different things. Sometimes you see clusters of players in the background all doing one thing, but here they are all on their own. And that must be 1988 NL ROY Chris Sabo right behind Pacillo (it's the glasses, man.)

Also, this is our second and final Reds pitcher in the PEE PEE club.

Cool stat: Pacillo gave up 9 career homers, including 2 to Dale Murphy. This was his last card as he stuck in the bigs for just 2 seasons.


Teeny Poet said...

That is pretty cool. You don't always see that. Peace, Jon :)

jswaykos said...

I used to love getting cards with multiple players... my fav is 1987 Topps - cant remember the guy's name off the top of my head, but its a Brewers catchers, and there's a Yanks baserunner entering from the right, almost looking like he's smiling at the camera. I'm moving this weekend, but once I get settled I'll try to send you a pic, you'd enjoy it even though it has nothing to do with this blog.

Rich said...

That is Chris Sabo. I remember this card being asked about by a reader in Baseball Cards Magazine's Q & A section; they specifically wanted to know if it was Sabo back there.

Bubba said...

I'm glad you mentioned Sabo on that card. I had several copies of the Pacillo card for that reason alone; Sabo was one of my favorites and this was the only card with his picture on it until the Reds Kahns cards came out during the season.

(I'm posting with my blogger account because for some reason I can't use Wordpress tonight. Weird.)