Tuesday, March 25, 2008

#279 Randy St. Claire

Why this card is awesome: Because this is an uncorrected error card. Based on this photo, clearly this guy's name is Randy St. Glare.

Cool stat: St. Claire has the 12th-most IP in a career with exactly one hit allowed per inning. Totally meaningless, but absolutely cool.


jswaykos said...

I used to love pulling Randy St. Claire cards. Why? I dont know. I think, maybe, I thought I got more for my money, since he had two last names (sort of)... same as how I'd love when I got a card that gave me the bonus info of "Traded to..." on the front.

Uglee Card said...

He did the top button. Kinky.
I have the distinct feeling he had no pants on in this picture.

PyroMessiah said...

He is currently the pitching coach for my beloved Nats. For some reason he looks like a Texan to me, but apparently he isn't.

But to me, he's a Texan dammit.