Tuesday, March 25, 2008

#279 Randy St. Claire

Why this card is awesome: Because this is an uncorrected error card. Based on this photo, clearly this guy's name is Randy St. Glare.

Cool stat: St. Claire has the 12th-most IP in a career with exactly one hit allowed per inning. Totally meaningless, but absolutely cool.


Joe S. said...

I used to love pulling Randy St. Claire cards. Why? I dont know. I think, maybe, I thought I got more for my money, since he had two last names (sort of)... same as how I'd love when I got a card that gave me the bonus info of "Traded to..." on the front.

Uglee Card said...

He did the top button. Kinky.
I have the distinct feeling he had no pants on in this picture.

CD Art Dude said...

He is currently the pitching coach for my beloved Nats. For some reason he looks like a Texan to me, but apparently he isn't.

But to me, he's a Texan dammit.