Monday, March 24, 2008

#274 Junior Ortiz

Why this card is awesome: Because I think Ortiz (for many years the most famous Ortiz in major league history) was a real fan favorite, despite never putting up huge numbers. For one, he's loved in Minnesota for being part of the 1991 championship team.

Cool stat: Ortiz hit just five career homers, but 3 of them came against the Phillies. Of course, if you check his splits, you'll see that he more PAs against the Phillies than he did against anybody else.


Luke said...

He had a smooth job as a back up for spanky lavallier until they traded him. I guess Don Slaught had "more power".

The slaught/spanky combo worked out well for the bucs.

MMayes said...

He named his son after himself....Junior Ortiz, Jr.

Just kidding. I'd seen an article about that, but Mr. Ortiz' first name is something else.

Andy said...


Uglee Card said...

Nominated for player who most looks like a teddy bear