Wednesday, March 19, 2008

#261 Giants Leaders

Why this card is awesome: Because a bonus shot of Will Clark is always a welcome thing. Especially when his mouth is shut.

Cool stat: 1988 was a sandwich year for the Giants, in between two appearances in the playoffs. Looking at the NL batting summaries, the Giants scored the second most runs in the NL despite having league-average hitting.

Deceased players and managers: 8

Sadly, Jose Uribe died in a car accident in 2006. He's just ahead of Will Clark in line in the photo.


Extra Innings said...

Cool card. I liked the late 80s Giants teams before the Bonds arrival. Back when Topps sold team sets; I remember my parents buying me an '89 Giants team set from Kmart. Ah, the good ole days.

Jim said...

The 87 Giants are on of my all time favorite teams, Will Clark should've gotten MVP consideration

Andy said...

He did. He finished fifth:

That year, Clark tied for the 24th fewest RBIs in a season with at least 35 HR:

Jim said...

Tim Wallach got a 1st place vote and Will didn't!!!

Congress should look into this since they want to clean up baseball!

Jim said...

Yeah 91 RBIs is low for 35 HR , he didn't play the full season.

What about Carlton Fisk in 1984, he had 21 HR 43 RBI that has to be some sort of mark.

Andy said...

It's not. Here are the "leaders" for fewest RBI in a season with at least 20 homers:

Chris Duncan actually has the worst ratio, under 2.0. Hoiles has the fewest overall RBI. Kevin Maas has the fewest RBIs in a 21-HR season.

Jim said...

Thanks Andy, I always wondered about Fisk's 84 season, that was back when I followed numbers very closely, but had no way to check things like that.

MMayes said...

I was looking at Chris Duncan's 2006 splits relative to this stat. With runners in scoring position (75/315 plate appearances), his OPS+ relative to the league for those situations was 49. This would be the equivalent of the career of Hal Lanier, Jackie Hernandez or Cardinal Hall of Famer Bob Gibson -- as a hitter. The good news for Cardinal fans is that this was a one year stat, as his sOPS+ for RISP situations went up to 159 in 2007.

Hey, this was about Will Clark, wasn't it?