Wednesday, March 5, 2008

#225 Mike Scioscia

Why this card is awesome: Because what in the hell is going on in the dugout? We see an Astros batboy of the left, a Dodgers person between Scioscia's legs, a camera man on the right and somebody else seated. So many people in one dugout? Makes me think that this photo is totally posed, and not taken even during a live spring training game.

I also really question giving Scioscia card #225. He was a good player, sure, and has been an even better manager. But as of 1988, there is no way he deserved this number more than, say, Paul Molitor or Robin Yount. And I'm not even a Brewers fan.

Cool stat: Boy oh boy did Scioscia own Don Robinson. He hit more homers off him (4) than he did off anybody else, and had an OPS of 1.308 across 51 PAs. Yowch.

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Uglee Card said...

Also, I believe the 'R' in Dodgers is on top of his bat, while the 'E' is clearly tucked under. Then again, maybe I'm just obsessively studying cards rather than sleeping.