Sunday, March 2, 2008

#214 Dave Schmidt

Why this card is awesome: Because while he was one of two Dave Schmidts to break into MLB in 1981, this one was still around in 1987 to get a card in the 1988 set. The other one didn't make it past 1981.

Cool stat: Schmidt had two careers. He ended up looking very average, with a 54-55 record and 103 ERA+. However, if you look at just his first 8 years, he was 41-38 (as a reliever, so record is not that telling) with an ERA+ of 123, 407 Ks, 183 BBs, and 692 hits in 689.2 innings. He had an ERA below league average every single year, and batters had an OPS+ of 90 off him.

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Mike S said...

First-ballot choice for the "Random Diamond Kings Hall of Fame."