Saturday, March 1, 2008

#211 Frank DiPino

Why this card is awesome: Because you don't see a lot of cards with the player standing against a cinderblock wall. Nor do you see "Infielder-Outfielder" spelled out like that on many cards.

Cool stat: Make no mistake about it: DiPino was a mop-up guy. Since 1960, among pitchers with at least 200 career games finished, he makes the top 25 for fewest career saves.


Andy said...

Do you think his teammates called him "Dippy" for short?

Uglee Card said...

Nice sleeves.

Johnny P said...

My sole memory of Frank DiPino is a brawl at old Busch Stadium in 1989. Frank had been traded to the Cardinals in the offseason but a lingering animosity remained between himself and Mark Grace. DiPino went inside on Grace, tempers flared, benches cleared, and it was terrific.