Thursday, February 14, 2008

88 Topps Cards Giveaway #6

OK, this giveaway is for the following:
To enter, you need to email me at 88topps at gmail dot com, and including the following information:
  • Send me a link to an online retailer (not eBay) where you can buy a 1957 Topps 2nd Series wax pack. I'll give you a clue that one of the advertisers commonly found on this site carries this pack, so you might find it easiest to look at the ads. But clicking on ads is not a requirement if you can find it by some other means. I'm talking about an actual offer for sale of this pack, where you can click to put it into your shopping cart.
  • The first bullet above is no longer necessary.
  • Pick a number from Eric Davis' page.
Closest number to the number I picked from Davis' page wins, assuming you also gave me the link to the 1957 pack.

  1. One entry per person. If you make more than one guess, I will count only your first one.
  2. This is basically a random drawing. You have no way of knowing what number I've selected, and so this contest can't really be tested for fairness. It's my blog, so just deal with it.
  3. My decisions on this contest are final.
  4. The contest closes Tuesday 2/19 at 5 PM eastern time. Comments must be timestamped by the blog before then.


Andy said...

Holy cow, there have been a lot of entries already...but keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Everybody loves Eric the Red!