Friday, February 29, 2008

#207 John Mitchell

Why this card is awesome: Because some of the people in the deck behind Mitchell are so large that they could potentially be recognized. It's fairly rare to see non-players, coaches, or other team personnel on a card that can be recognized. Imagine opening a pack, seeing this card, and having that guy on the right be YOUR grandfather!

Cool stat: Here is Mitchell's best game, his only career complete game, coming for the Mets against the Phillies in 1987.


MMayes said...

It was unfortunate that someone made the news with his name 15 years before his career because on the few occasions he came on Sports Center (no Baseball Tonight in those days) I would put "unindicted co-conspirator" in front of Mr. Mitchell's name.

Luke said...

i think this guy looks exactly like my auto mechanic down the street

Uglee Card said...

You know who that is in the background right? Manny Trillo's granddaddy (mother's side).
I'm suprised you didn't pick that out.