Friday, February 22, 2008

#179 Charlie Puleo

Why this card is awesome: Because of that doozie in 1983. Ninety-one walks is an awful lot to end up with more BBs than Ks.

Cool stat: In fact, since 1956, Puleo's 1983 was the 6th worst K/BB ratio for a pitcher with at least 71 K's in a season.

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MMayes said...

Charlie was a thoroughly unremarkable player. This link suggests one of the only memorable moments from his career was getting thrown out at first on a grounder to Jack Clark in RF ( He was also acquired by the Reds along with the infamous Lloyd McClendon (remember him a few cards back?) and the Mets got some washed up guy named Seaver that won more games the next 3 years than Puleo did his whole career.