Friday, February 15, 2008

#154 Jeff Stone

Why this card is awesome: Because this classic pose gives us the best look at the Phillies' uniform from this era. Against the green background, Stone really sticks out. Just why, oh why, did Topps make the banner purple for the Phils' cards?

Cool stat: Since 1957, Stone has the most 4-hit games in the first 50 games of a career. He's also among the leaders for most games with a SB in the first 50 games of a career (also since 1957.) If you follow that second link, one of the comments has a link to a great story written about Jeff Stone and his playing career. Very much worth the read.

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Anonymous said...

Stone was an all-round nice guy. As a young boy I enjoyed watching Stone play, although the Phillies were horrible in the mid-late 80s!