Tuesday, February 12, 2008

#137 Chris Bosio

Why this card is awesome: Because it's a very bush-league facility. The mound's not smooth, the grass looks unevenly mowed, and there's a rinky-dink fence in the distance.

Cool stat: Bosio pitched back-to-back complete games 7 different times in his career. Amazingly, his team lost both games two different times and went 6-8 overall in those games. Since they were all complete games, Bosio obviously went 6-8 in those games as well.


Mike S said...

Aside from the fact that Bosio's pitching overhand, every aspect (especially the team name ;) ) of that photo screams Beer League Softball.

MMayes said...

Until I looked, I had forgotten that he threw a no-hitter against the Red Sox on 4/22/93, walking the first 2 batters, getting Mike Greenwell to hit into a double play and then retiring the next 25 (for a total of 26 in a row at the end of the game). In his next start the streak was snapped (Kenny Lofton singled to lead off) but he was the winner in a combined 4-hit shutout over the Indians, leaving with an injury. He had a stretch of 17 innings over 3 games where he allowed 4 hits. For a guy who was league average in all other respects, this was a Jim Barr-esque streak!!