Tuesday, February 12, 2008

#135 Dennis Rasmussen

Why this card is awesome: Because it's absolutely impossible to take Rasmussen seriously with what appears to be 3 hairs on his upper lip that he's grown out and combed over to look like a wispy mustache.

Cool stat: I'm going to take the cheap way out here and refer you to a short post I made at B-R.com with some stats about Rasmussen.


Extra Innings said...

Yea, Rasmussen was literally dumped by the Reds for 4 innings of Candy Sierra in '88.

Andy said...

Literally dumped? Like out of a wheelbarrow?

MMayes said...

If all you're getting is Candy Sierra, you might as well have literally dumped him.

I remember a discussion years ago of "The Rasmussen Effect." Look at Dennis' stats when he joins a new team. He would really go out and go great guns (except in 1992 for the Cubs) for the new team, only to level off and realize "Hey, I'm not Tom Seaver...I'm Dennis Rasmussen." Nice pitcher, but seems to have been more popular as a trading item than anything else.

Jeremy Cox said...

At the risk of becoming the "air-brush guy," this looks like another bad air brush job. The "C" on his cap is all lopsided.