Monday, February 11, 2008

#131 Don Schulze

Why this card is awesome: Because OMG WHAT DID TOPPS DO TO POOR DON SCHULZE'S HAND?!?!?!? OK, it's one thing if a pitcher is born with an unusual aspect to his anatomy, such as Antonio Alfonseco's 6-fingeredness or Jim Abbott's lack of a hand on one arm. As far as I know, Schulze's right hand was considered normal, and yet it looks bizarre in this photo.

Cool stat: Schulze was not a very good pitcher. In 6 seasons, he never achieved an ERA+ over 83. In fact, over his entire career from 1983 to 1989, Schultze's the only guy to have all 6 seasons under ERA+ of 83, and nobody else had even 5.


Uglee Card said...

Jimmy, I do believe that pitcher has a hook where his hand ought to be.

Mike S said...

The Mets wisely bought high with Schulze - who can resist a pitcher coming off a career-best ERA+ of 83?

MMayes said...

It looks like Don is attempting to throw a Valenzuela-esque screwball. It didn't seem to work for him. I was looking elsewhere and found that, while he stunk for the Mets, in '87 he led the IL in winning percentage, going 11-1 for Tidewater. It's a little different pitching for Cleveland than pitching for Tidewater and Buffalo.