Monday, February 11, 2008

#128 Johnny Grubb

Why this card is awesome: Because this is such a great-looking card, one of the very best of the 1988 Topps set. Orange Tigers logo, orange border, and an orange uniform. And that dark color on the bottom half of the card matches his helmet. Oh, and Grubb looks like he just ripped a double down the line

Cool stat: This was Grubb's last card, and he had a nice long career. Grubb was one of 4 players to miss triple digits for career HR by just one. Bonus Grubb fact: among players 37 and older, minimum 200 at-bats, he posted one of the top all-time seasons for slugging percentage.


MMayes said...

Grubb was one of those guys who was an American League player all the way in the hands of the right manager. Sparky really helped him find his niche the same way Earl Weaver did with Lowenstein, Roenicke, et. al.

ozz said...

Grubb was a solid bench guy for the Tigers. I remember a big hit he had in the '84 ALCS. A two-run double in the top of the 11th in Game 1, which gave the Tigers a win over KC.

Andy said...

Here's the game that ozz refers to: