Sunday, February 10, 2008

#127 Jim Gott

Why this card is awesome: Because that bat laying on the turf behind Gott looks sort of like a little toothpick bat sticking out of his fist. Heh. Also, the back has a very unusual stat, referring to this game, in which Gott hit 2 HR. He had only 2 other HR in the rest of his career.

Cool stat: Gott got tagged by Kal Daniels. 9 at-bats, 3 homers. Gott also got Daniels to end two games.


Kevin said...

Cool story about Jim Gott: His first major-league win was May 30, 1982 against the Orioles - game one of Cal Ripken's consecutive games streak. When Cal caught Lou Gehrig in 1995, Jim showed up at Camden Yards and presented Cal with the game ball from that May 30 game.

Mike S said...

I remember the Mets' broadcasters loving it when Gott would enter the game for Pittsburgh in hopes that he would face Tim Teufel for another Gott vs. Teufel (God vs. Devil in German) matchup. Checking BB-ref, Teufel was only 2-9 with a pair of walks vs. Gott, but did hit a homerun.

Luke said...

Jim had a solid year in '88 w/the bucs, and then injuries hit him hard.

He made a short comeback in '93 before being released by the bucs in 95