Friday, February 8, 2008

#121 Checklist 1-132

Why this card is awesome: It's awesome because of the baseball diamond in the background, although I question its design. Are the dirt areas between 1B and 2B, or between 2B and 3B really curved like that? And such a huge circular patch around 2B? Hmm.

This checklist also tells us that we are 1/6th of the way through the set! Well actually, not quite yet, since the checklist runs through card #132 but itself is only card #121. So we need 11 more cards before we reach the 1/6th point.

Cool stat: Well it's not a stat, but I love that the checklist is self-referential. It lists itself right there at card #121.


MMayes said...

When you open a pack of cards, knowing that you're going to get 12, and (especially if you've already gotten James Steels, Rod Booker or some other never-will-be)then you see a checklist....I always felt like I got ripped off because I got a stinking checklist instead of a real baseball card.

Luke said...

anyone every buy the t-shirts or binders they offered that was on a card? Were those separate (13 in a pack) or counted as a card (for 12?)

i can't remember

Andy said...

Those offer cards were NOT counted as one of the cards in the pack.