Wednesday, February 6, 2008

#109 Joel Skinner

Why this card is awesome: Because although the photo catches Skinner in sort of an awkward pose, he also gets to show off his guns, back when guns were still somewhat rare in baseball. Also, I like seeing the Expos in the background, telling us that this was a spring training shot.

Cool stat: This is a VERY cool stat. Skinner struck out a lot and also walked very little. In fact, since 1901, Skinner is just one of 10 players with 80 or fewer career walks and 387 or more career strikeouts. The only other non-pitcher on the list is Miguel Olivo, and as long as he plays another year or two, he'll drop off by virtue of going over 80 walks.


Luke said...

wasn't there another yankee card w/the expos bench in the background?

Mets Guy in Michigan said...

West Palm Beach! Shared by the Braves and Expos for years. It was a fun place to see the game. They would do every announcement in both English and French, driving the Floridians up a wall.

The Yanks were down the road in Fort Lauderdale. I bet they played each other at least once a week.

Uglee Card said...

(Simpsons voice) Skiiiinnner!
Why are you playing baseball with National League teams?
"I'm sorry Superintendent Chalmers. Maybe a gun show would help?"

MMayes said...

Joel's facial expression looks like he's swinging over the top of a slider or he's out in front of a change-up.