Saturday, February 2, 2008

#102 Barry Larkin

Why this card is awesome: Because Larkin is another Red with the Cincinnati trifecta: born in, lived in, and played in. That must have been great.

Cool stat: Larkin is one of just 7 players since 1901 to have 900 R, 900 RBI, and 300 SB for one team. He hit the most homers of his career off Jim Deshaies. He had 21 4-hit games, including one 5-hit game. Larkin also had one career 3-HR game. Guess who he hit those 3 homers off of? That's right! Jim Deshaies.


Uglee Card said...

Barry Larkin. So terribly, terribly overrated.

Luke said...

i agree.

How does one go from 15 home runs one year, up to 33 the next year, and then, is injured most of next year?.....hhhhmmmmmmm.....

Bichette had a great year, but since he played in Colorado, that didn't help.

Maddux had a monster year, but won the cy young.

Piazza should of won it. Great numbers for a catcher.

Andy said...

It is true that Larkin's career high in HR is almost Brady Anderson-like in how out of character it was.