Friday, January 18, 2008

RESULTS: 88 Topps Cards Giveaway #1

Well, we got 18 guesses for the first giveaway, which isn't bad at all.

The number that I chose was 1394, the total number of runs Galarraga created in his career. I chose this because I think Runs Created is a sorely under-utilized stat that needs a bit more attention. Galarraga's total is good for 98th all-time.

Nobody guessed that exactly, but a few came close. Third-closest was Luke, with 2003. Second-closest was thewritersjourney with 1979.

Closest and winner of cards 1-25 of the 1988 Topps set was Alex, with 839, Galarraga's sim score with Will Clark. Congrats!

Thanks very much to everybody for participating. Your next chance to win is very soon, early next week after I post card #50. This is going to be a different type of question--a trivia question where the first correct poster wins. (But it's going to be very tough, I promise you.)

Alex, can you post something here about how I can contact you--an email address or IM name or somesuch? 25 cards are on their way to you once I get your mailing address!


Anonymous said...

Juuuust a bit outside. Quick question: Are winners excluded from future prizes? If so, I'm kinda glad I didn't win this time. I think I have all those cards, probably in triplicate.

Andy said...

No, nobody is excluded from winning, even if you've won before. And we've got some nice prizes coming up...yeah more 1988 Topps cards, but some special limited-edition 1988 Topps stuff too.

Alex C said...

Sweet. I'd like to thank Will Clark and Andres Galarraga for aspiring to be exactly the same person.

Andy, my e-mail is