Wednesday, January 23, 2008

88 Topps Cards Giveaway #3

Time for giveaway #3!

This is for the 1988 Topps Gallery of Champions complete aluminum set, as seen here and here. You get the whole shebang: all 12 replica cards, the case, the original box, and the paperwork.

This contest has two parts:

First, you need to answer a series of questions as listed below. In order for your contest submission to be counted, you need to answer all these questions correctly.

Second, you need to submit a numerical guess (details below.) Among all the people who answer the series of questions correctly, the closest guess wins the Gallery of Champions set, mailed to you at no cost.

To enter, you must submit an email to the address provided below. Comments on this post are disabled, and it's not to your advantage to post answers anyway since that will only help others enter the drawing. Note that this is not my regular email address and should not be used for correspondence.

First the rules of the contest:
  1. Anybody can enter. It doesn't matter if you've won previous contests here or not, nor does it matter if you are brand new to the site.
  2. You can enter only once. If you make more than one entry, I will consider only your first entry.
  3. As with Giveaway #1, the guessing portion is essentially just a random drawing, and there is no way to verify that I am being fair. My blog, my contest, so tough noogies.
  4. My decisions are final.
OK, now here are the five questions you need to answer. You'll notice that I have cleverly designed them based on the Google ads that appear on this site, so you'll need to click through the relevant ads and find the information on the advertisers' websites. If you've got adblocking software on your browser, you'll need to disable it or use a different browser. If you don't see the relevant ads, reload the page once or twice and you should find them. Remember there are ads in a few places along the right-hand column and at the bottom of the page.
  1. offers a 14-baseball cabinet in the shape of what?
  2. Blowout Cards is located in what state? (see their contact page)
  3. Orange County (OC) Sports Cards is charging how much for a 2007 Topps Series 1 Baseball HOBBY Box?
  4. How much is The Baseball Card Shop asking for a 1990 Topps Traded set?
  5. Clicking on the ad for "Brooks Robinson Autograph" (usually at the very bottom of the page) takes you to what company's website? ***UPDATE: a number of folks have reported difficulty finding this ad even when reloading the page many times. If you reload a few times and don't see it, just put "didn't see it" as your answer to this question. Thanks.
Once you get the five answers, then head over to Steve Bedrosian's page at As we did with Galarraga, I've picked a number off that page, and all numbers are fair play. Now you pick a number on that page.

Now, email your 5 answers and your Bedrosian number guess to 88topps at gmail dot com. (Replace the "at" with an @ and the "dot" with a . and you're all set.)

I will not be responding to individual entries, nor will I be using that email address for ordinary correspondence. If you have a question about this contest, you can email it there and I'll post the answer for everyone to see.

The contest closes one week from today, Wednesday January 30th at 5pm EST. Emails must be received by then to count.

Good luck!