Wednesday, January 30, 2008

#87 Mike Mason

Why this card is awesome: Before I tell you why this card is awesome, can you figure it out? Look really carefully at the card.

Give up? It's awesome because HOFer Ryne Sandberg is in the background. Am I adding him to the HOF count for this set? You'd better believe it.

Cool stat: Mason had one excellent year as a starting pitcher: 1984. He had 24 starts (36 appearances total), pitching 184.3 innings, allowing just 159 hits and 51 walks, with 113 K's. His ERA of 3.61 was good for an ERA+ of 115. But, he earned just a 9-13 record. If you neutralize his stats (go to this link and then click 'neutralize') with just average run support he would have gone 11-9 that year.

Hall of Fame count: 12


Cannonball said...

I like the picture of Mason here. One arm dangles after firing a pitch to the plate, one leg hangs in the air, and the other serves as his only support. Despite all of this action, Mason is staring intently at the plate, and we get a nice, head-on view of him as he concentrates. Sandberg's a Hall of Famer, but he kind of distracts from Mason, as his uniform messes up the outline of the pitcher as his limbs fly in every direction. Looking at (and especially identifying) the guys in the background is usually neat, but this is one instance in which the bonus player takes some attention away from a very nice picture.

Uglee Card said...

Are you sure that's not Manny Trillo in the background wearing a Ryne Sandberg mask?
Really sure?

Andy said...

Sure enough that I'm not taking him off my HOF count. :)

Luke said...

is it me or did Dane Cook travel back to pitch for the cubs?