Thursday, January 10, 2008

#8 Kevin Elster

Why this card is awesome: There's a lot to like about this card, including the fact that Topps used the same "Future Stars" logo as with the 1987 set, creating a nice tie-in between the sets. But the reason why this card is awesome is Elster's little baseball player necklace. It's AWESOME!

Cool stat: Elster didn't live up to his "Future Star" hype, due mainly to injuries. If I recall correctly, he had a long errorless streak at shortstop, and of course he put together one very nice year in 1996. But how about this game? He hit a grand slam off Manny Alexander, in Alexander's only career pitching appearance (since he was usually a shortstop himself.)


LKWDLYNX said...

Not only does the scout who signed Elster know a player when he see's one (also signed Chipper Jones) He also knows a few things about

Kevin said...

Fun Kevin Elster tidbit: he had a somewhat substantial role in the 1994 film Little Big League.

Uglee Card said...

Do you think scout Dean Jongewaand puts Kevin Elster on his resume now? I'm guessing no.

Andy said...

Sure he puts Elster on his resume. Any player who makes it to the big leagues is worth mentioning, given that only a small fraction do make it.

Uglee Card said...

OK, fair enough. But I'll bet he moved him down a few places.
I think I'm just bitter at a string of going-to-be-great short stops. Elster. Rey Ordonez.
But it's time to give that up. The Mets got Reyes!