Thursday, January 10, 2008

#7 Benny Santiago Record Breaker

Why this card is awesome: Because it calls him "Benny." In this day and age, players are tending to use more formal versions of their names, but 1988 is long ago enough that they still snuck "Benny" in there. Most of the rest of the cards in his career have him down as "Benito."

Cool stat: The 34-game streak ended up being quite a fluke. Looking at the longest hitting streaks of Santiago's career, his next longest streak was just 13 games.


Kevin said...

I can't believe it took me this long to check out your blog! Though I've had a stash of 1988 Topps since childhood, I just recently got to work actually completing the set (almost there now!) and it's given me a new appreciation for it.

IIRC, addressing him as "Benny" was a Topps thing. It always bugged me for some reason, like they were doing it to be contrary. They did the same thing with "Denny" Martinez, and yet they referred to the player with the best nickname in baseball as "Dennis" Boyd. Go figure.

Andy said...

And this is the same company that, the following year, would put "Rock Raines" and "Doc Gooden" on two of their cards. Sigh.