Friday, January 25, 2008

#61 Mark Knudson

Why this card is awesome: Because of that T-shirt peeking out from under his jersey. You can tell it's tiny bits of the letters "W" and "E" from "BREWERS". Also, you can see that Knudson was born in Colorado, and he eventually got to pitch for the Rockies in their inaugural year of 1993.

Cool stat: Boy oh boy did Knudson give up the long ball. But at least he gave them up to the big boys: Joe Carter, Ruben Sierra, George Bell, Cecil Fielder, Kevin Mitchell, Don Baylor, and Tony Bernazard lead the list.

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Jeff said...

Clutch stat regarding his parents wedding anniversary. His parents had been married 6 years when he was born.

Luke said...

Andy, it isn't a Brewers t-shirt. It's a JOURNEY t-shirt. Mark likes his rock n roll!

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