Saturday, January 19, 2008

#40 Orel Hershiser

Why this card is awesome: There are a lot of reasons why this card is awesome. For one, Hershiser looks so innocent, not knowing at the time that he was about to have a season for the ages, setting an awesome record, winning the Cy Young award, and carrying his team to a World Series victory. What I like most about this card is that you can see his unusual uniform number-55. It reminds me of the 58-inning scoreless streak he broke with his own 59-inning job. (Why does it remind me, given that 55 does not equal 58 or 59? Not sure, but it does.)

Cool stat: Shutouts, shutouts, shutouts. If I asked you to name the pitcher who most recently had 8 or more shutouts in a season, could you name him? If you said Hershiser,'re wrong. He did it in 1988, but Tim Belcher did it in 1989.

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Jeff said...

Orel was on top of the world in 1988. His 1985 Topps RC was THE CARD to have for a while.

Oh, and 657 cards until Steve Lombardozzi.

Luke said...

one of my favorite pitchers ever!!

Orel had a great year in 85, with a 2.03 era, but doc gooden had a year, definitely a great year for a pitcher

Luke said...

doc gooden had a great year...i mean

LKWDLYNX said...

When baseball players wore stirrups.

MMayes said...

Check out the fact on the back. It looks like Orel was a minor league closer. Probably a good thing for him, because Albuquerque was a launching pad that made guys like Greg Brock, Mike Marshall and Jeff Hamilton look like Hall of Famers.

Jefferson said...

I never noticed that, but you're right that Hershiser was a closer in his minor-league days. Check out his stats from the minors here:

From 1981 to 1983, 82 games finished in the minors, and just 21 game starts.