Monday, January 14, 2008

#23 Ken Landreaux

Why this card is awesome: Because while it's a nice action shot of Landreaux, his eyes reveal that he hit a pop-up. I know this blog is all about how awesome Topps was in 1988, but come on guys...couldn't you find a less embarrassing photo, especially given that this was Landreaux's last card?

Cool stat: Landreaux hit a lot of triples, netting 45 three-baggers in just 4101 career at-bats. On those 45 triples, he got 23 RBI, put his team ahead 8 times and tied another game. Bonus stat: Landreaux had 3 game-winning hits, all singles.

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Blake said...

Ken was the Twins lone representative at the 1980 All-Star game (his only AS game appearance.

Yes, he did hit a lot of triples. 11 of his 45 came in 1980 with the Twins.

5/23 cards have 1988 Twins and/or future/past Twins. That's 21.7%. The 1988 Topps set had 792 cards. That means we should see about 171 of these throughout the set.

See you at #45...